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Dehan Wijesekara Founder of Clounote Technology and creator of Clounote Ordering an online food ordering system for restaurans and other businesses who need to let online ordering for their customers. Developing bespoke custom web and mobile applications since 2010. 6 min read

Phone ordering system | Mobile ordernig system

Phone ordering system | Mobile ordernig system

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data there are 5.22 Billion people that have a mobile device in the world. This means that 66.83% of the world's population has a mobile device.

According to research from RescueTime, one of several apps for iOS and Android created to monitor phone use, people generally spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, with the top 20% of smartphone users spending upwards of four and a half hours. Aren't this information good enough for start an phone ordering system ( mobile based online ordering system ). Continue readling for find a start point.

If you want to start an phone ordering system for your restaurant, laundry or flower shop etc.. you must choose mobile first ordering system. For benifit of yours we recommend our own ordering platform for contactless ordering and restaurant management. Reason we recommend this for you is, this phone based ordering system apps comes with your brand name and colours. You can pick your own menu template for present your menu to your customers.

Bird-eye view of our phone ordering system.

our phone online ordering system/ mobile online ordering system can devide in to three parts,

  1. Customer Ordering
  2. Order management
  3. Order delivery

To accomplish customer satisfied phone based online ordering, we have introduced following apps to manage the workflow

  1. Customer phone ordering mobile apps for iOs and Android phones
  2. Customer ordering web app for desktop and web app for mobile phones
  3. Order management dashboard(Web and mobile) for Merchant/Restaurant/Shop
  4. Delivery Rider app

Advantages of mobile restaurant ordering/ phone ordering system

  • Can track the customer location easily with GPS.
  • No need to have much space for a computer. Only need a mobile phone.
  • Low device cost and easyly moveable devices.
  • Designed to use with franchising partners as well.

Why choose Clounote Mobile Restaurant Ordering System

  • App is having your brand name and colours.
  • You can choose your prefered home screen/ menu screen among predefined template screens.
  • You can request for unique custom screens for reasonable cost.
  • No additional fees for Ordering reports and statistics.
  • Designed to use & manage for multiple outlets
  • 24x7 customer support.
  • Low cost and good price packages.
  • Three months free trial (**Applicable for promotions only).

By introducing phone ordering system, one major advantage you get is, you can directly communicate with customer. Assume you want to inform, newly available promotion or offer, You can directly push messages to ordering app via google or apple push messages. Unlike SMS messages, Push messages are very cheap way for direct messaging. So this will boost your customer reach to online store, and customers will aware of what happens on this week on your store. Simply there will be direct marketing channel for you with your customer.

clounote ordering food detail screen
clounote ordering select delivery option screen
clounote ordering food detail screen

Introduce your own branded mobile restaurant ordering with Clounote

You can request an ordering app for your restaurant, for cost of US $50 monthly rental or you can purchase whole system as a onetime payment by contacting our sales team. You can find out more in depth features description from Clounote site or send an email to or call or whatsapp us anytime on +94 71 355 40 27 for more information. Read more about Clounote Phone Ordering System features.