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Web Development Company v/s Free Website Builder Sites

Web Development Company v/s Free Website Builder Sites

If you are thinking of taking your business online, then surely you might be ambivalent about choosing the right option for getting your website developed, right? Well, here are a few reasons that can steer away the confusion for you whether to choose an experienced web development company or go for the free website builder site.

One of the major differences between custom website development companies and free website builder sites is the development of a website that is tailored to the client’s requirement completely. Apart from these, if you are looking for getting a website developed quickly, then these free website builder tools are the one for you.

Web Development Company v/s Free Website Builder Sites

Out of the numerous reasons for choosing either customer website development companies or website builder sites, here are a few major ones,

  1. Search Engine Optimization

    A perfect SEO can get you new customers online or to make your brand more reachable and famous. When you choose a web development company, you get custom SEO services that can make your website page rank in Google. While in case of website builder tools, you have to either do SEO yourself or hire professionals.

  2. Customization

    Whenever professionals develop your website, they keep in mind your goals, needs, and soul of the business, which results in a custom design. While in case of website builder tools, you can only choose from the templates or change the colors only.

  3. Extended Support

    By hiring professionals, in case of any bug, issue, or problem, you can get instant support and solution. While the website builder tools may not always solve the queries. Web development companies ensure that you get complete support even after the website is deployed.

  4. Ownership

    When you use website builder tools for developing your website, you cannot own your website, the ownership remains with the platform that you use for development. Instead, if you choose a website development company, then you get to purchase a domain name, and get complete ownership of your website.

  5. Terms & Conditions

    A custom website that is developed by website development professionals is free from any terms and conditions apart from the general standards. While website builder platforms have their own terms and conditions such as use of personal information, ad display, limited time for website termination on certain grounds, etc.

  6. Design Liberty

    If you are designing a website through a website builder then you will get very limited options to choose design, color, menu, templates, etc. While professional developers give you all the liberty to choose any design, color, or icons, and templates.

  7. Professional Approach

    When you compare a website developed in a website builder tool with the website that is developed by experts in a website development company, you can clearly see the difference in terms of UI/UX design, features, menu, theme, etc.

  8. Cost

    Both website builder tools and website development companies have their prices for developing your website. But, in comparison, when you choose a website builder platform, you are investing your money to that platform and your/or your employees time in working on it. While in the other case, you only pay and get your work done.

Final Word

You can go for the one that suits your business needs and requirements, but in reality, if you hire a website development company then you can satisfy your need for a custom website that can serve all the purposes. So is your business still waiting for a website? Well, the wait is over, ping you ideas and get the best web development company sri lanka at your service.

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